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ACOPLÁSTICOS, founded in 1961, is a Colombian non-profit entity that gathers and represents enterprises from the chemical production chains, including the plastic, rubber, paints and inks (coatings), givers, chemicals, petrochemicals and related industries. 

ACOPLÁSTICOS is based in Bogota D.C., but its activities expand throughout Colombia. 

ACOPLÁSTICOS organizes the Colombiaplast-Expoempaque 2018 International Tradeshow with the support of Corferias. This event is held simultaneously with the International Tradeshow of Bogota. 

As in prior editions, Colombiaplast-Expoempaque will display the latest developments in machinery and equipment, robotics, fittings, tools, molds, raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products, services and publications. 

Since its first edition, this tradeshow has strengthened the commercial ties of the plastic, rubber, petrochemical, packaging sectors in Colombia and overseas.

Thanks to its award as the best Industrial Exhibition made in the International Trade of Bogota, Colombiaplast-Expoempaque has attracted a large number of exhibitors and visitors from Colombia and from other parts of the world.

These sectors are known for their innovation and for contributing physical and technological resources in each of the editions of the tradeshow, and for providing an ideal setting to launch new products, to gain access to the latest technological developments of the industry, and to new ideas in the entire productive chain of the sectors involved. 

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